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Introducing Normalizer

Normalizer is a simple but powerful tool for texture manipulation and conversion, available for free!

Download normalizer 1.0.3

Power without limits.

Built based on Friendly Shade in-house custom algorithms, used for our own textures and scans.

illustration of normal map to displacement map conversion and vice-versa

Easy conversion between normals and displacement.

Reconstructing displacement data from normals has always been a challenge, but Friendly Shade has developed a way to convert normal to displacement maps in seconds! Converting displacement to normals is also as simple as pressing a button.

normal map of a face combined with the normal map of a ground

Mix normal maps the right way.

Combining two normal maps is not as simple as overlaying one image on top of the other. Normal maps are not simple images and therefore they should not be treated as such. Normalizer combines normal maps mathematically correct by converting all pixels to vectors before any operation.

screenshot of the normalize feature of normalizer with sliders for the minimum and maximum points of a 32-bit height map

High precision.

Process textures from 8, 16 and 32-bit depth sources. Every map is processed using 64-bit precision when required. Normalizer is even able to output a 32-bit displacement out of an 8-bit normal map using smart algorithms. Convert your results to 16-bit using the normalizing tool when high color depth is not needed and discard unnecessary parts, making further edition in external programs easier.

render of a street concrete road texture from close up and zoomed out

Unlimited resolution.

Friendly Shade is well known for offering super high resolution textures. Normalizer is not an exception, it supports every resolution you put on it! It's a matter of time before 8k resolution textures are no longer the standard! Convert, combine and process ultra-high resolution textures without limits. Even 32k is a breeze!

Getting Started with Normalizer

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