Wood Planks 02


Location: Florida, United States
Seamless: 6×6 meters
TIFF: 16-bit
Seamless: X, Y
Maps Included:
• Albedo
• Gloss
• Ambient Occlusion
• Displacement
• Normal
• Alpha

Files Included:

This set is included in the Bundle 02

Tags: wood, wooden, planks, tiles, rough, floor, ground, dock

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This Wood Planks 02 texture includes the following maps: albedo, normal, displacement, gloss and ambient occlusion, all baked from scanned data. The area scanned was 6×6 meters for the wood planks material, which is up to 39k resolution. For close-ups and more, see the renders included. You can also read detailed information of this material below.

This texture is part of our Bundle 02. Also see the full resolution renders of this texture here.

Additional information

License Type

Single User License (8k), Educational License (16k), Team License (16k), Company License (39k)


The highest resolution PSB file contains a multi-channel layer with displacement, gloss and ambient occlusion as red, green and blue respectively. The layer is named: "Red: Displacement, Green: Gloss, Blue: AO"


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